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We are now selling our beers Click and Collect... 

Visit our online shop for details of how to order, 

and then pick up your bottles or carry-outs from the brewery.

Our beers are all hand made by us in small batches, some to be sold draft, and some we bottle.

You can buy our draft beers at a variety of tap rooms, and pubs, local shops and of course direct from our brewery, and at some local events. Bottled beers are available direct from us. We always welcome visitors - whether you want to buy a couple of bottles, or just pop in for a chat. For details of our opening times please see our Facebook page. 

If you run a pub or tap room and are interested in stocking Three Engineers beers, 

please email us to discuss prices and availability.

For a list of local places which regularly stock our beers, please see our mates page.

Mustang:  American IPA (5.4% abv)  

A seriously hoppy IPA with bags of character from Citra  hops. Dry hopped multiple times to  give a bold aroma and flavour of citrus fruit.

Corsair:  American Pale Ale (4.1% abv)

A session pale ale with a mellow and fruity hop character. Dry hopped with Citra hops to add aromas of tropical fruit.

Gladiator: Best Bitter (4.4% abv)

A classic British bitter. A rich malty flavour with a hint of sweetness from a small addition of Belgian malt.

Beluga: Wheat Ale (3.9% abv)

A unique mix between an IPA and wheat beer. The grain bill is a 50/50 split between classic English malts and German Wheat Malt. Bittered with Goldings and subtle fruity flavours delivered from Belgian and New Zealand hops.

Vulcan: British Pale Ale (5.0% abv)

A heavily hopped British pale ale. Using Marris Otter malt for a pale colour and bittered using Fuggles hops to give a refreshing session pale ale.

Mosquto:  Porter (5.1% abv)

A dark and seriously smooth porter with a rich malty flavour with hints of Belgian malts. Bittered with classic English malts.


Three Engineers Brewery, 

The Cow Byers, Winterbourne Medieval Barn,

Church Lane, Winterbourne,  BS36 1SE